Trading Instruments

Superchoice Markets offers CFDs across 300 trading instruments from various asset classes. These asset classes include Foreign Exchange (Forex, FX), Indices (Index's), Commodities, Metals, and Cryptocurrencies.


With trading volume of over $4 Trillion per day, the forex market is larger than any exchange based market. The forex market is open 24 hours, 5 days per week, allowing traders to do business around the clock on their own terms.

Forex trading involves trading one currency against another, anticipating that the value of one currency will increase or decrease against another currency. Currencies are traded as pairs; for example the Great British Pound against the United States Dollar (GBP/USD).

A key advantage of trading Foreign Exchange CFDs is the advantage of leverage, which can be as high as 500:1 when trading with Superchoice Markets.

Leverage allows traders to trade with more money than they actually have in their trading account. For example, if you had 500:1 leverage you could use a $1,000 deposit to control $500,000 worth of currency. Leverage can increase both your profits and losses, and should be used with caution.

Superchoice Markets offers some of the tightest spreads available on the market. Log into your MT5 or Tradeview X platform to see our Indice spreads.


Indices are the most popular and recognised form of CFDs. Superchoice Markets has a wide variety of Indices, including the AU200, FTSE100, US500, US30, DAX40 & more.

Stock market indexes are a great indicative measure of a domestic markets’ performance. They offer traders and investors an alternative way to get exposure to a stock market, being a basket of blue chip stocks. By trading an Indice, traders reduce their exposure to one particular stocks’ movement.

We offer competitive spreads on spot (cash) indices for stock markets. Superchoice also offers indices for the US Dollar Index.

Commodities & Precious Metals

Trade popular commodities and precious metals all from within your MetaTrader 5 or Tradeview X platform with Superchoice Markets. Commodity markets are popular for speculative traders as they are subject to significant changes in supply and demand, as well as seasonal trends.

Speculate on the price of raw physical assets, such as gold, silver, oil, wheat and sugar with our CFDs. Trading CFDs with Superchoice Markets you won’t have to take ownership of the underlying asset or worry about physical delivery.

We offer commodity pairings against a variety of fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency CFDs

Cryptocurrencies are a new, volatile, and largely unregulated asset class. Trade the exciting new Cryptocurrency asset class via CFDs with Superchoice Markets!

Trading at cryptocurrency exchanges has several risks, such as hacks, counterparty risks, and other risks associated with storing crypto at the exchange. By trading Cryptocurrency CFDs with Superchoice Markets you can trade Crypto long or short without the risk of actually owning cryptocurrencies.

Trade CFDs across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin & many more with Superchoice Markets.